There are two skins available on Wikia: Wikia and Monobook, although Monobook is no longer actively supported. This page lists comparisons between these skins as well as how to customize them.


Please note that this only contains the most notable differences, and is not a full list. Also, certain features like Wiki Activity and chat (provided that it has been enabled) cannot be accessed through the Monobook skin.

Wikia skin

  • Fixed-width: Yes. (Article width is 660 pixels, except for main page.)
  • Wordmark: File:Wiki-wordmark.png
  • Wordmark parameters: Up to 250x65 pixels, must be PNG format
  • Background: File:Wiki-background
  • Customizable toolbar/toolbox: Yes

Monobook skin

  • Fixed-width: No
  • Wordmark: File:Wiki.png
  • Wordmark parameters: Up to 135x155 pixels, must be PNG format
  • Background: Must be implemented through MediaWiki:Monobook.css
  • Customizable toolbar/toolbox: No


Wikia skin

  • Wordmark, color scheme, and other options are customizable at Special:ThemeDesigner
  • Local customization files: MediaWiki:Wikia.css, MediaWiki:Wikia.js
  • Users using the Monobook skin can access the Wikia skin temporarily by adding &useskin=wikia at the end of the URL
  • More information regarding customizing the Wikia skin can be found at Help:Theme designer

Monobook skin

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